Monday, May 27, 2013

Huge Orlando Home with Huge Lot



Milton James from Keller Williams presents a home with great opportunity on over 2 acres on the outskirts or Orlando's East Side near UCF University of Central Florida.  

Huge 2.6 Acre lot in beautiful Wedgefield. Home well maintained by great family with some upgrades and includes new water heater, new well pump, and new a/c compressor. No noisy neighbors to bother you. Master bedroom on bottom floor and nice tile on the main floor.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Cardio vs Lifting

I wanted to put together a post that recaps one of the biggest questions in beginner fitness or just someone looking to start a new fitness plan.  I have found some of the best articles that I think summarizes this point and they are included below.  I have battled with this for years and its kind of like real estate where someone doesn't want to pick one system with the fear that it will lead them in the wrong direction.  

The basis of this article is that just doing cardio will make you fat, "skinny" fat.  There are some great analogies but if you take the time to read through it the writer digs deep into what really goes on at a chemical level when we lift vs run and the increasing health and cosmetic benefits of both.  

This also analyzes some myths about fat burning vs loosing weight.  It also touches on the fact that weights do not make women bulky.  It does however make them more toned and turns their body into a calorie burning machine.   And finally, running, p90x, or insanity is not the only way to get fit.  In fact it may not even be the best!